How To: Do a 5 minute workout for moms on the go

Do a 5 minute workout for moms on the go

Here is an easy way to get in a quick workout in your busy day. First off start will forty-five seconds of bicep curls with an exercise band. Next with a deck of playing cards squat down and place one at a time on the ground in front of you. Focusing on keeping your back straight and your core tight. Once all the cards are down then pick them up one at a time. With a weighted ball in one hand reach up and come down diagonally across your body and squat as the ball touches the ground. Work both sides for a period of time or an amount of repetitions. Next is forty-five seconds of push-ups, which works a large group of muscles in the upper body as well as keeping the core tight. Push-ups can be done in many different positions so this exercise should not get boring. Finally is forty-five seconds of crunches.

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