How To: Aqua jog for low impact cardio exercise

Aqua jog for low impact cardio exercise

Getting regular cardiovascular exercise is extremely important to maintain good health but it can be difficult to find an exercise that isn't strenuous on the joints. Luckily aqua jogging is a great workout for any age.

Aqua jogging is great for your cardiovascular system, and gentle on your muscles and joints.

You Will Need

  * Swimming pool
  * Aqua shoes
  * Flotation belt

Step 1: Put on shoes and belt

Put on your aqua shoes and flotation belt. The shoes will allow for a better cardiovascular workout than running in your bare feet. Swimming belts are used for deep water.

Step 2: Jump in the water

Jump in the water. You are ready to start jogging.

Step 3: Start with a warm-up

Do a light jog in the shallow end for 10 minutes to warm up.

Step 4: Use the same form

Use the same running form you would use if you were on land. Keep your feet flat, take long strides, and pump your arms, as you run across the length of the pool.

Step 5: Focus on heart rate

Focus on getting your heart rate up after the warm-up. Bring your knees up high when you run or try heel-to-butt kicks for one length of the pool.

Sprint one lap for a vigorous workout.

Step 6: Cool down

Cool down for 10 minutes by walking or jogging lightly.

Did you know? The largest swimming pool – with an area of 19.77 acres – is in Chile.

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