How To: Jump rope partner frog hop

Jump rope partner frog hop

In this podcast tutorial, Trent Cunningham joins the videoKast to teach how to do 2-Person 1-Rope. You'll learn how to involve a child as young as 3 in jump rope and then see what can be done with a bit more practice.
The Rope Masters videoKast is your source for the best in rope skipping instruction. Join World Champion Peter Nestler as he takes you around the world to learn from some of the best jumpers in the sport. This is a two person one rope trick.

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iJump because iCan.

This video takes me back to the assembly days when i was in high school. that's where i learned to tear phone books in half and break baseball bats over my knee...well, maybe break pc laptops over my knee.

i need to get a jumprope
double dutch was my favorite

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