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How To: Do the shoot throughs exercise

In this fitness tutorial, you will learn how to do the shoot throughs exercise. Shoot throughs are great for improving overall strength and coordination. It is also a good way to get your heart rate up and warm up. Watch this how to video and you can warm up and get in shape with the shoot throughs exercise.

How To: Do step ups for aerobics

The step-up is a great exercise for the muscles of the upper leg. It effectively works the thighs, hips, and butt. The calf muscles work as synergists during the step-up exercise. They assist with balance. The step-up exercise can either be done one leg at a time or alternating between legs.

How To: Do yoga arm balances

Arm balances are great for strengthening your arms but they also have many more spiritual, mental and physical benefits. Learn 3 new postures today: side plank pose, the crow, and trunk of an elephant pose. Do yoga arm balances.

How To: Determine your VO2 maximum

Backpacker magazine associate editors Jason Stevenson and Shannon Davis demonstrate how to estimate your VO2 Max in this April 2007 SkillsCast. Find out how a simple running test can determine your VO2 Max, and why raising your score can make you a better backpacker, increase your endurance and fitness level.

How To: Do water aerobics

In this series of fitness videos, our licensed kineseotherapist and water rehabilitation expert demonstrates a variety of water aerobics exercises you can do in your own pool. From the basics of water marching and running to amphibious aerobics such as jumping jacks to dance moves like the Russian twist, Kay Heaton will guide you through this fitness regimen.

How To: Do jumping jacks

Casey Neuwirth demonstrates a jumping jack. This is a very basic exercise, however, it requires coordination. To do this exercise, you jump spreading your legs and extending your arms over your head. Jump again from the spread position and close everything back up.

How To: Properly use the rowing machine

James Cracknell, a former member of Britain's most successful ever rowing team, shows how to row properly when you're in the gym. Keep the back straight and move hands, body, legs, then legs, body, hands for one complete stroke. Properly use the rowing machine.

How To: Deskercise

Learn how to take a few minutes to perform deskercise. Don't let being stuck at the office be an excuse for not working out. Watch and learn some helpful tips for some basic fitness techniques. Deskercise.

How To: Use a stair master machine

In this video series, our expert shows you how to operate the common stair step machine. Though the stair stepper has amazing potential to burn calories, it can be dangerous if not used properly. Sheila Lindsey illustrates the proper way to use the stair master machine. She also shows you how to monitor and stay within your heart rate. Shelia also gives you great advice on organizing a cardio workout routine. So, before stepping up to the challenge, learn how to get the most out of your stair...

How To: Do aerobic steps for beginners

In this online video series learn aerobics from personal trainer Ricketta Butler, who holds a Health Science Education Degree from the University of Florida. In this series of video clips she teaches aerobics exercises such as : the a step, hop turn, knee straddle, alternating knees, L step, basic left, over the top, basic right, safety for step exercises, straddle, turn steps, v step left, v step right, and the v step right and left.

How To: Use the vibe disc

Take a look at this video clip series and introduce yourself to the newest workout craze, The Vibe Disc! Our expert is one of the co-developers of this new piece of fitness equipment. He will take you through several of the dozens of workout possibilities of the disc and give you tips on how to get the most out of them. You'll learn how to stay safe while using the disc and ways to incorporate other equipment into the workout for conditioning for a specific sport. Check it out and have fun ge...

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