How To: Improve lung capacity with a posture breath exercise

Improve lung capacity with a posture breath exercise

Posture plays a huge role in your entire respiratory system. Enabling your body to have good psture can increase breathing and really help expand your lungs. This video will demonstrate exactly how to improve lung capacity with a posture breath excersise.

Poor posture is often referred to as forward head shoulders posture. Rounded shoulders means less space in the chest for the lungs to expand. This decrease in space affects the air exchange and the mechanism of breathing. It also restricts the activity of the diaphragm in drawing in air. That has many serious consequences - particularly if one doesn't have a strong heart. Restoring proper posture can increase the lung capacity by 30% or more - if the chest muscles are stretched to increase the space. This isn't likely to happen unintentionally. The Posture Breath exercise is designed to stretch out those tight muscles while correcting posture.

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