How To: Work out with a hula-hoop

Work out with a hula-hoop

Spinning a weighted hoop is a great core workout and burns up to 100 calories every 10 minutes.
You Will Need:
* An oversize, 3-pound weighted hoop
* Exercise clothing
* An 8 sq. ft. space
* Your favorite music (optional)
* An exercise mat (optional)

WARNING: Always consult a physician before attempting to do any exercise or exercise plan.

Step 1
Warm up for your workout by marching in place for three minutes. Then spin the hoop around your waist for three to five minutes.

Step 2
Stand with your feet at shoulder width and stand the hoop on the floor to your left, holding it on top with your left hand. Extend and raise your right leg outward with your right arm overhead while rolling the hoop away from you.

Play your favorite tunes to stay motivated.

Step 3
Hold the hoop in front of you like you're driving a bus. Extend and raise your right leg to the side while turning the hoop to the right. Lift your left leg to the left side while turning the hoop to the left.

Step 4
Stand with your feet at shoulder width with the hoop in front like a steering wheel. Turn your body to the left and extend your right arm across to touch the left side of the hoop while rising up on the toe of your right foot.

Step 5
Lie face-up on the mat with your legs at a 90-degree angle. With the hoop in your left hand, place it above you horizontally and rest your feet on the lower part of it. Lift your shoulder blades while lowering your legs to a few inches above the floor.

Step 6
March in place for three minutes to cool down, and stretch.

Fact: The first American Hula-hoop was inspired by Australian bamboo rings that children used in gym class.

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