News: Partner frog hop with a jump rope

Partner frog hop with a jump rope

Joyous. Amazing

This is not the funky double dutch variety you see in Harlem. This podcast tutorial is...rather white.

Don't let that fool you. My eyes bugged out when I watched this tutorial. Best of all is seeing Trent's three year old son doing perfect tandem jump rope. The kid can barely speak a word. The two grown ups in the red shirts are world champions, Pete and Trent.

A true joy. Professional. Unusual. Fantastic instructions.

Jump rope partner frog hop

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iJump because iCan.

This video takes me back to the assembly days when i was in high school. that's where i learned to tear phone books in half and break baseball bats over my knee...well, maybe break pc laptops over my knee.

i need to get a jumprope
double dutch was my favorite

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